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About Mary Slaughter and Doug Longaker

Mary Slaughter knew by the age of eight that she wanted to be a singer. She was raised a country girl in a very musical family. She would take her Daddy’s Jimmie Rodgers songbook and sing her heart out in the empty silo. (great acoustics!) She would belt out” “Frankie and Johnny” as her family played multiple instruments at music parties.

Mary started singing professionally in college when she joined the folk group Folklore. In the early 70′s she moved to Kansas City and worked and sang in the River Quay district.

She sang bluegrass and eventually country and blues. She moved to Austin, Texas in the middle 70′s and ended singing in the streets and living in her ’55 chevy pickup.
She came back home and lived in Lone Jack, Mo. and raised her two boys during the 80′s. She sang regularly at the country shows. She had investors at one point and opened for artists such as Barbara Mandrell, Michael Martin Murphy, Steve Wariner, Leroy VanDyke, and KoKo Taylor to name a few.
She married her soul mate in 1991. They have been a duo ever since.

Mary has been very happy to record this album for it has been her life long dream. Mary concludes ” the Lord has put it in or hearts to sing for him.” You only have to play a tract to hear Mary and Doug’s heart.

Doug has always had an interest in music and was blessed enough to have parents that supported and encouraged that interest. At age 16 he went to his first bluegrass festival and was instantly hooked. He bounced around bands for a year or so ’til he finally found that the mandolin was the instrument that called to him.

In 1977 he joined the group Cedar Creek , a bluegrass trio was born that had a real love for gospel music. In 1979 the group self produced their first and only recording.” An album back when people used a turn table to listen to music not just scratch up a good piece of vinyl.” one of Doug’s early efforts of original music is on this album. A simple love song. The band traveled and played festivals for 14 years. ” The time I spent with that group still holds some of the most precious moments of my life.”
After many turns up and down and all around doug finally me his soul mate in Mary. Voices and musical interest hit a chord when these two finally met. Through the years of playing concerts and clubs the Lords hand finally found him and a conscious decision was made to take a stand and serve through His music.
Doug says he has never been happier or more content in his life since he found the Lord and all His beautiful colors.

“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever. With my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” psalm 89:1