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December 19th, 2013

When Doug and Mary came together over 22 years ago they created a powerful consummation, and to say that they merely complimented each other would be a major understatement.

Doug Longaker and Mary Slaughter were equally accomplished prior to finding each other all those years ago. Mary with her star studded solo career as a Country music and Blues vocalist and Doug with his many years picking Mandolin and harmonizing with the Bluegrass band Cedar Creek.

When they eventually came together their magnetism and enchantment created and undeniable force. They combined their musical roots to bring us a sound all their own.

Now Doug and Mary’s capacity and range can be heard on their new album ‘Beautiful Colors’. Within its contemporary originals there is an eclectic folk gospel sound one would not expect to find in an such an expansive monument of Americana. Its title gives the description of simplicity and elegance yet its content holds a considerable amount of diversity and scope. We hope you enjoy Doug and Mary’s music as much as we do. Doug and Mary’s music give us a rare glimpse into a holy crossing where one genre meets the next with grit and admiration. Find out for yourself how ‘Beautiful Colors’ can make the world a brighter place.